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Manufacturers and Distributors of the Finest Surgical Sutures & Disposables

Welcome to Kollsut®-USA website

Our products are the result of years of analysis, study and research by our specialists and technicians. Our experienced manufacturing and sales personnel has been selected and well trained, applying modern technics in the field of medical devices, therefore we can fully guaranty our products and also offer the necessary technical support by conducting workshops and seminars in our facilities in United States and other countries in the world

ATTENTION USA Health Care Products Distributors.

Kollsut® USA International, Inc. Worldwide known Suture Manufacturer now has openings for Distributors in all 50 States. If interested please respond to:

1763 NE 162nd Street, North Miami Beach. FL 33162 - USA
Phone: (+1) 305-438-6877 (+1) 610 657-1507 (+1) 305 771-9028
Email: info@kollsut.com

Kollsut® USA  Specialize in Quality Manufacturing of Surgical Sutures, Hernia Mesh and Other Medical Disposables.


These are some of the Products that we offer at KOLLSUT:

ABSORBABLE SUTURES: Rastoro™ Sutures (Polyglycolic Acid), Radik™ Sutures (Polyglactin 910), Radik Fast™ Sutures (Polyglactin 910), Simfra™ Sutures (Polyglecaprone), Gilza™ Sutures (Polydioxanone)

NON ABSORBABLE SUTURES: Molylon™ Sutures (Monofilament Polyamide Sutures - Nylon), Pidilen™ Sutures (Polypropylene), Silda™ Sutures (Braided Silk), Restel™ Sutures (Polyester), Rikid™ Sutures (Stainless Steel)

SIETKA™ - POLYPROPYLENE HERNIA MESH: Sietka ™ Plus - Pp/Pga Composite Hernia Mesh, Non Absorbable, Polypropylene mesh


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